Casey Hoke began giving his constantly evolving Art, Identity, & YOU workshop in 2014 after publishing his story about his transition from female to male in direct correlation to his artwork’s progression in The Huffington Post’s ‘Teen’ and ‘Gay Voices’ sections.
Purpose & goals: 
  • To provide a dialogue seldom taught in history class cirricula on LGBTQ+ Art History, artistic expression of identity , and historical context of visual symbolism used to identify LGBTQ+ sub-communities.
  • To inspire youth, educators, and supporters with creative solutions for self- discovery and expression of identity using personal experience and secondary accounts from other LGBTQ+ identified artists.
  • To provide a platform for youth and educators to speak and share their stories and identities through art.

What does this workshop cover?:

  • LGBTQ+ visual symbolism, (flags, colors, origins) and context.
  • Expression of identity in LGBTQ+ Art History in a timeline format
  • Contemporary LGBTQ+ artists and movements.
  • Visual/ creative arts educator support and inclusion tactics
  • Casey’s story on self-portraiture progression in correlation to his gender transition and his own experiences of incorporating identity into art.
  • An interactive portion: In which attendees have the chance to create and share an identity portraits or other expressions.

Can I adapt topics for my conference/ campus/ other event? 

Of course! For example, Casey can speak more elaborately about educator tactics and his own experiences with supportive arts teachers for a teacher/education-focused conference.

Where has Art, Identity, & YOU been presented?

  • GLSEN Cincinnati Youth Summit (October 2014)- Northern Kentucky University
  • GLSEN Bluegrass- Moving Forward Families and Youth Conference (April 2015)- Marriott Griffin Gate (Lexington, KY)
  • LA Lifeworks’ “Models of Pride” Conference (October 2015)- University of Southern California (Los Angeles)
  • Asterisk Trans* Conference (February 2016) at UC Riverside (Riverside, CA)
  • OHANA LGBT Group at Lee College (Baytown, TX)